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Four Pillars: Time, Team, Money and Strategy

Workshops and Training Offering to get you there:

  • Time – Eat that Frog! Time Management Workshop

  • Team – Navigational Conversations Workshop

  • Money - Way to Wealth, KPIs

  • Strategy – Entrepeneurial Growth Coaching Program

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FocalPoint Coaching

Do you manage your time effectively or does it manage you?

My most popular workshop as it addresses real issues that business leaders and owners face every day. You can't add time to your day, only spend it more wisely. Discover diamond mining, mindstorming, personal goal setting and constraint analysis to name a few tools. Ultimately, develop your own action plan that I can help you achieve in 30-60-90 days with follow-on 1:1 coaching sessions.

Are you ready to GROW your business?

See if the Entrepeneurial Growth Program is a good FIT for you! It's an affordable group coaching program for small to medium business owners that covers the highlights from my 1:1 coaching and hits all the pillars of my product offering in the areas of Time, Team, Money and Strategy. An excellent overview and chance to meet other like minded business owners in a Mastermind setting!

  • 60-90 minute sessions
  • Total of 8 sessions over 3 months
  • Discount if pay in advance